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Laughing Water Media's experienced and talented design team are dedicated to developing websites and print graphics that are visually beautiful and unique to each client.

Originally, partners Paula and Linda teamed up and launched Ohio Photographs in the Cleveland area back in 2005. Over time the focus of their business projects evolved from photography to graphic art and building websites. So, in 2009, Ohio Photographs became Laughing Water Media. The name Laughing Water reminds them everyday to spend time outdoors in their kayaks on the local lakes and rivers or enjoying nature in their own backyards.

Paula Pinkerton
Art Director

Co-founder and partner of Laughing Water Media and Ohio Photographs, Paula's focus as Art Director covers a wide range. Specializing in graphic design and photography she works closely with clients to establish initial branding direction and then implements all facets from logos, marketing packages, print-work and manufactured products.

Paula and her husband Gary founded Pinkerton Wealth together over five years ago. She has been instrumental in establishing the company and keeping Gary on course.

Paula was born in Virginia, but has spent the last 20 years in the Cleveland area and has three teenage children.

Linda Henry
Web Design Director

Linda has long been interested in art, photography and computers and she found a happy collision of all these interests in web design. She enjoys working through the challenges of meshing a clients style and branding with web usability and design.

Though Linda grew up in the open spaces of southern Idaho she has resided in the Cleveland area since 1983. She and her husband Chip met as Peace Corps volunteers in Africa and they remain in love with that mysterious land to which they have returned again and again.

When not designing at her computer Linda is either yakking on the phone with Paula, kayaking or enjoying her family of two kids and three dogs.

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